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Some testimonials from our happy customers:

She was brilliant!

Most people look forward to holidays, but when our animals are like children to us there is always the worry that whoever you arrange to look after them they'll never be as good at as we are. I have the added problem of a very mixed bunch, a huge horse who thinks he is a baby and very cheeky, a fairly chilled ex-racehorse (whos' feet are an ongoing challenge) 2 ducks, 2cats.

I also used to dread going away and leaving them, I arranged for B to do them originally at short notice for my holiday, she was brilliant even with the bits I'd not normally ask to be done, like keeping it all tidy.

Recently I lost someone very close and B was there whenever I needed, even at short notice, I didn't need to remind her of anything, or worry about them, she is amazingly reliable and I would recommend her to anyone.

Tracy LeyHill


Thank you so much Tamzin for all of your help with little Foxie over the last several months. Even though most of the time we've given you very little notice, you've always come in to keep her company which she loves and also gives us peace of mind! Thanks again.

James Chesham


Our cat seemed well looked after when we were on holiday. Don't think she missed us at all!


Smudge and Orla

We are Smudge and Orla, brother and sister Cocker spaniels and we do like to be the centre of attention, at all times. My mum and G (our dad) sometimes have to go out during the day and Tamzin will come round to see us, let us out for a play and wee in the garden, give us lots of fusses and a treat, as mum says that is ok... Tamzin always turns up when she says is going to and mum says she doesn’t know where she would be with her help. We love Tamzin as she loves us and when she is here, we are the centre of her attention.

Jon - Smudge and Orla (very noisy cocker spaniels)

I can highly recommend her

Tamzin looked after my cats in September when we went away for a night. We have four cats of differing ages between 6 months an 18 years old. Three are rescue cats and the older ones would have found it too stressful going into a cattery. I was so grateful for Tamzin's help. She came to the house and played with and fed the cats and didn't even mind coming to the house early next morning for their normal routine.

My Husband and I are planning a couple of trips later in the year so will be using Tamzin again. I can highly recommend her... and so can my cats!

Elaine Kane - Managing Director - Travel Tried and Tested Ltd. - Chesham

The Walker Family

My name is Michael Whipperton-Walker and I am a 3 year old cross whippet/lurcher and came from Chiltern Dog Rescue to my family when I was 4 months old.

I am a bit accident prone and have had a shoulder injury this year which I am happy to say is now completely healed. I have a very wonderful lady called Tamzin who runs Ley Hill Pet Care and who takes me for lovely long walks when my family are not available to oblige me. Tamzin has always been on hand to advise my family about my health and well being she told my family about the physiotherapist who got me well again.

Tamzin also takes me out with her dogs which is great for me as I am an "only" dog at the moment having lost my old friend at the beginning of this year. I love Tamzin and her family very much and I know my family do as well because she totally reliable, kind and great fun.


Michael Whipperton-Walker - Michael Whipperton-Walker and the Walker family

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